Man in Kitchen, White chef coat, black apron, spooning out pasta with red sauce

Walter Balkiewicz

Executive Sous Chef

Walter Balkiewicz is the Executive Sous Chef at Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse in King of Prussia. He was born in Augusta, Georgia and grew up in Wernersville, PA. Balkiewicz has previously worked at the Four Seasons, Vetri, Osteria, Amis, Parc, Barclay Prime and as Starr Catering. 

Balkiewicz’s mentors have been his father, grandmother and the famous chef Marc Vetri. Balkiewicz says “I have always wanted to be a chef. A majority of my childhood I lived with my grandparents, watched cooking shows (no cable in those days) and helped my grandmother cook (she had eight kids and put me to work right away)”. Balkiewicz was influenced as a chef during his travels to France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Mexico. He describes his cooking style as eclectic with strong Italian and French influence. According to Balkiewicz he enjoys “The ability to try new seasonal ingredients and show guests dishes they wouldn’t experience”.

One of his favorite memories as a chef includes participating in the Great Chefs event for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Outside of work he enjoys fishing, camping, jiu jitsu, wrestling, muay thai, boxing and being a father to his son Bryce.