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Sarah-Ann Kelly


Sarah-Ann Kelly was born and raised in Waynesboro, Georgia. She graduated from University of Georgia with a degree in consumer foods and earned a degree in baking and pastry arts from Johnson & Wales University. She owned & operated her own start-up restaurant & bakery in her hometown from 2010 until selling it in 2020. She worked as a sales consultant for Sysco Columbia for about a year after selling her business and then she began working for Davio’s in the fall of 2021.

According to Kelly, she had so many great role models growing up and she still does, but the most influential would have to be her mother. Kelly says “I think the restaurant industry chose me rather than me choosing it. I was in my third year of studying to be a doctor when I decided to completely change my course and study food and go to school for baking & pastry. Ever since then I’ve stayed close to food and never plan to leave.”

According to Kelly, it should always be all about the guest because “Regular guests are what drive our business; obviously we love having first-time guests, but being able to give those people an experience they enjoy is what drives them to become the regulars we depend on. So if we make each decision based on how it will positively impact the guest’s experience, then we are more likely to make people feel happy, welcomed, and full!”

If she wasn’t managing, Kelly says she would probably go back to baking specialty cakes. “If I didn’t have to work and could do anything I wanted, I’d want to be an advocate for organ transplant patients and their families” says Kelly. Kelly enjoys painting and drawing and she is a massive football fan especially watching her Georgia Bulldogs! She is also a self-proclaimed big nerd! She loves watching documentaries about history, especially WWII and is also a math geek.